Solar Read Premium

R4,987.00 R2,487.00

Home Reading Software from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in English and Afrikaans.


Solar Read’s unique initial evaluation test to determine your child’s reading ability and correct reading level.

  • Vocabulary exercises to ensure the understanding of words in the story. These exercises are also the starting point of the initial evaluation test and also unique to Solar Read. If your child does not understand the meaning of a word, it will most definitely influence their reading speed – fact.
  • Spelling/Word recognition exercise will help your child to spell like a pro.
  • Reading speed measurement, comprehension and memory exercises will further improve your child’s reading abilities and confidence.
  • Automatically adjust to your child’s level of reading – unique to Solar Read!
  • The reading gymnasium includes 6 different eye exercises, 2 eye span techniques and various concentration exercises to improve your child’s focus.
  • Scan reading exercise to help identify keywords in a reading passage against time – another unique Solar Read feature.


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